Laced Records 2022 release round-up

Here’s a rundown of everything Laced Records announced in 2022, including vinyl soundtracks for Hotline Miami 1+2, Resident Evil (1996), Assassin's Creed, and many more.

Thanks to everyone for supporting the label throughout 2022! Listed below is everything we announced in the calendar year (although some will ship in 2023.)

Special thanks again to mastering wizard Joe Caithness, who expertly prepares all our soundtracks for release, whether on vinyl, streaming platforms or... MiniDisc?!

Except for the Devolver Digital titles, all Limited Edition colour variants listed below are exclusive to the Laced store and won't be repressed. There is always a chance of new variants in future, or Standard Edition black disc represses.

We also introduced new 'Laced Exclusive' variants for a few products this year (Street Fighter III and Yakuza 0 box sets) — these variants might be repressed in future.

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Dead Cells - Volume 2


Yoann Laulan has been associated with developer Motion Twin since the game jams from which Dead Cells was born. As the game has grown, so the soundtrack has deepened with Laulan creating longer and more progressive tracks featuring more electric guitars, piano and choral elements.

This triple vinyl features several tracks from DLC expansions Rise of the Giant, The Bad Seed, Fatal Falls and The Queen and the Sea. On top of that, there are score tracks from the brilliant Dead Cells animated trailers, an 8-bit ‘demake’ version of “ClockTower”, several remixes and other tracks from post-launch game updates (“Distillery” and “Corrupted Prison”.)

Triple LP

  • 26 tracks from the indie smash rogue-lite
  • Green, ochre and light blue discs
  • Deluxe gatefold sleeve
  • Sleeve art by Boris Moncel or Blackmane Design and Michel Donzé

Dead Cells: Volume 2 (Original Soundtrack) by Laced Records

BREACH (Rainbow Six European League Music)


Ubisoft turned to award-winning electronic music artist Simon Delacroix aka The Toxic Avenger to soundtrack the 2022 season of the Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege European League. In league with Enchanté Records, we brought six bangers to wax with the BREACH EP.

Single LP

  • ‘Toxic yellow’ colourway disc
  • Spot gloss UV sleeve
  • Original illustrations by RUN of Label 619
  • Art print insert

BREACH (Rainbow Six European League Music) Laced Records vinyl



For DEATHLOOP’s original score, lead composer Tom Salta immersed himself in the music of Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Nelson Riddle and a host of other late-’60s influences. Layers of period-appropriate organs, synths and other instruments (including Rhodes, Wurlitzer and Hammond B3) help maintain the tension as Colt picks off Eternalists from the shadows. As things get dicey, or Julianna intervenes with extreme prejudice, tracks explode into furious guitar and drum grooves that propel the zany, supernaturally enhanced gunplay.

Ross Tregenza’s multi-genre diegetic cues perfectly complement the psycho-sophisticate stylings of Blackreef’s artistically aspirational inhabitants, while songwriter Erich Talaba and singer Jeff Cummings brought to life the vicious visionary Frank Spicer with catchy in-universe songs. Music agency Sencit teamed up with powerful yet soulful vocalists for trailer and credits songs, including Bond-ish banger “Déjà Vu” (featuring FJØRA).

4LP box set

Limited and Standard Editions

  • 59 tracks remastered for vinyl
  • Limited Edition features blue, orange, green and purple galaxy-effect vinyl

Deathloop (Limited Edition X4LP Boxset) Laced Records vinyl

Double LP

  • 19 tracks remastered for vinyl
  • Blue and orange vinyl

Deathloop (Deluxe Double Vinyl) Laced Records vinyl

    Tiny Tina's Wonderlands


    In-house Gearbox composer Joshua Carro brought his globe-trotting, experimental creative background to bear on the chaotic realms of the Wonderlands. The score briefly threatens more traditional fantasy fare, coaxing the listener in with big, bright celebrational themes; before twisting and turning, stealing listeners away to unexpected places. Unusual, unsettling rhythms and textures are woven together to create a dense and sophisticated sound world, where one can hear strands of Minimalism, Folk, Rock, Generative, IDM, Drone, World, Romanticism, Aleatoric, Modern, and Noise Music.

    Double LP

    Limited and Standard Editions

    • 23 tracks
    • Limited Edition features ‘dragon blood’ and ‘Tiny Teal-a’ galaxy-effect discs
    • Double gatefold sleeve with metallic pink foil

    Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands (Limited Edition Deluxe Double Vinyl) Laced Records


    The Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands soundtrack is also now available to stream and download on all major digital music platforms:

    Tiny Tina's Wonderlands OST available on multiple digital music platforms

    Far Cry 6


    Having grown up studying the beautiful and soulful music of the Caribbean and Latin America, lead composer Pedro Bromfman brought his particular experience with stringed Latin instruments to bear on Far Cry 6’s score. He carefully layers Spanish guitar, Cuban tres, Bolivian ronroco and more atop oppressive dark ambient and percussive elements, creating music that evokes a nuanced blend of sadness, anger and hope — contrasting the menace of El Presidente with the spirit of the guerrillas.

    The vinyl set includes a selection of diegetic and in-game radio tracks that serve to immerse the player in the vibrant setting of Yara. This in-world body of music is lead by two exceptional composers: Cuban-Canadian jazz master Hilario Duran created faithful Afro-Caribbean street ensemble pieces; while composer-producer Ariel Contreras-Esquivel recorded a real military band for his fictional national anthem “Himno Nacional Yarano” and other militaristic marches.

    It was a priority for the Far Cry 6 music team to truthfully represent the latino spirit, and highlight authentic Latin American and Afro-Latin artists from off the beaten path.

    Triple LP

    Limited and Standard Editions

    • 48 original score and diegetic + radio tracks from Far Cry 6
    • Limited Edition features two translucent red and one translucent light blue vinyl
    • Silver laminated wide-spined outer sleeve

    Far Cry 6 (Limited Edition Deluxe Triple Vinyl) Laced Records

    Ace Attorney 20th Anniversary


    All rise out of respect for a venerated series…

    To celebrate 20 years since courtroom adventure Ace Attorney began life, the Ace Attorney 20th Anniversary vinyl box set presents a selection of 121 specially remastered tracks from six mainline games in the series: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Justice for All, Trials and Tribulations, Apollo Justice, Dual Destinies, and Spirit of Justice

    The record sleeve features gorgeous new illustrations by ultimatemaverickx (DeviantArt profile), the Capcom superfan artist behind Laced Records’ celebrated Mega Man vinyl sleeves.

    6LP box set

    Limited and Standard Editions

    • Limited Edition features six heavyweight ‘attorney’s badge gold’ vinyl
    • Rigid board slipcase
    • Original illustrations by ultimatemaverickx

    Ace Attorney 20th Anniversary (Limited Edition X6LP Boxset) by Laced Records

    Resident Evil Village


    Resident Evil Village saw the series return to a European rural setting, indulging in all the gothic and grisly trappings associated with classic horror literature, mythical creatures, Grimms' Fairy Tales, and the like. Much of the music leans heavily on an orchestra palette, especially the various spooky, scraping, scratching textures available to string instrumentalists. There are also plenty of thumping, clanking, driving and droning synth and sampled elements present, as well as some extra-creepy uses of voices throughout.

    The Village music team was led by veteran Capcom and Resident Evil composer Shusaku Uchiyama and relative newcomer Nao Sato. They were backed up by meaty contributions from Marcin Przybyłowicz for the “Village of Shadows” story book sequence, and Brian D'Oliveira with folk artist Aga Ujma on the woozily wonderful credits song “Yearning for Dark Shadows”.

    Double LP

    Limited and Standard Editions

    • 25 specially mastered tracks pressed to heavyweight vinyl
    • Ochre and black marbled LPs
    • Deluxe double gatefold sleeve
  •  Resident Evil Village (Limited Edition Deluxe Double Vinyl) by Laced Records

    Ghostwire: Tokyo


    Tango Gameworks set out to reflect the juxtaposition of modernity and history in Tokyo, where neon high rises and historic temples stand side by side. Composer Masatoshi Yanagi’s goal was to express this unique game world by utilising the three wind instruments of Gagaku (ancient Japanese court music): shō, hichiriki, and ryuteki (dragon flute). He also explored traditional instruments including the shakuhachi (bamboo flute) and the chappa (cymbals), as well as traditional musical scales. These elements intermingle with modern, tenebrous synthesised sounds and distorted waveforms.

    Singer EvE performs the disquieting nursery songs that punctuate several of the disc sides, injecting the overall score with a child-like eeriness.

    4LP box set

    Limited and Standard Editions

    • 60 tracks specially mastered for vinyl
    • Limited Edition features blue and black galaxy-effect heavyweight LPs
    • Rigid board slip case
    Ghostwire: Tokyo (Limited Edition X4LP Boxset) by Laced Records

      Double LP

      • 26 tracks specially mastered for vinyl
      • ‘Crystal clear’ heavyweight LPs
      • Deluxe double gatefold sleeve

      Ghostwire: Tokyo (Deluxe Double Vinyl) by Laced Records

      Rainbow Six Extraction


      Composer James Duhamel teamed up with the One Take Tigers (the snappy nickname for the audio wizards at Ubisoft Montréal) to create an uneasy and mysterious generative real-time underscore for Extraction. The cue fragments queued up in the game comprise electronic sounds created by rabid synth-collector Duhamel and an array of acoustic instruments recorded by he and the ’Tigers — all synced to the same bpm and key to help the building blocks fit together.

      The ‘power trio’ of the score is the octobass, the ondes martenot and the pipe organ, complemented by instruments like the banjo and clarinet, and percussion including angklung and waterphones. And never put it past an audio team to sneak other oddities into a soundscape — with rakes, sword clashes and kitchen utensils serving as percussive sounds.

      To mix the soundtrack album from musical fragments for an otherwise randomised game score, the team created a structured musical narrative. The result was an original, immersive album that communicates the mood of the game.

      Double LP

      • Two heavyweight ‘REACT splatter’ discs
      • 19 tracks arranged from the generative in-game score by the Ubisoft Montréal audio team
      • Deluxe gatefold sleeve

      Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction (Deluxe Double Vinyl) by Laced Records

      Trek to Yomi (Devolver Digital title)


      Cody Matthew Johnson and Yoko Honda were deadly serious about the authenticity of the soundtrack, aiming to sonically and spiritually transport players to feudal Japan during the Edo period and beyond, into the depths of Yomi, the land of the dead. They limited themselves in several ways: to the use of period-appropriate instruments such as the shakuhachi, shamisen, biwa, and taiko drums; to certain scales and the musicality of the Edo period; and they especially leaned on the palette of Gagaku, the Japanese classical style, to capture the abstract and transcendent sound of Yomi.

      While Johnson used his sound design skills to twist and layer exquisitely hi-fi live recordings of traditional Japanese musicians to create a thicker atmosphere where appropriate, no synthesized elements snuck into the score. The result is an intense, soulful and vibrant album that is, as Honda puts it, “deeply connected to Japanese culture and its magical and anomalous roots.”

      Double LP

      • 'Swirling storm’ discs
      • 31 specially mastered tracks
      • Deluxe double gatefold

      Trek to Yomi (Deluxe Double Vinyl)


      The Trek to Yomi soundtrack by Cody Matthew Johnson & Yoko Honda is available to stream and download on Spotify, Apple Music and other major music services:

      Loop Hero (Devolver Digital title)


      The unique roguelike’s soundtrack pulsates with anxiety, each Gothic-Chiptune track pervaded by a melancholy born of the brave hero’s plight to shatter the endless cycle of despair. Composer, sound and game designer Aleksandr "blinch" Goreslavets uses a simple electronic palette to paint in a hundred shades of grey — with barely a major chord to be found. Amid the gloom, there’s still room for plenty of catchy melodies and a sense of Halloween jocularity, inspired by blinch’s love of the original Castlevania NES trilogy. Loop Hero’s score is beautiful in its forlornness and energising in its more combative moments.

      Double LP

      • 30 tracks mastered specially for vinyl
      • Transparent light blue and orange heavyweight LPs
      • 12" art print insert
      • Wide-spined outer sleeve with spot gloss
      • Artwork by Dmitry "Deceiver" Karimov and Alexandra "Bard-the-Zombie" Fomina

      Loop Hero (Deluxe Double Vinyl)

      Weird West (Devolver Digital title)


      The soundtrack was crafted by two pseudonymous entities: grungy trip-rock howlers Weird Wolves and dark soundscapist Choose Hellth.

      Weird Wolves — comprising Weird West’s creative director Raf Colantonio and musical collaborator Ava Gore — fill Side A with scuzzy, sweaty songs that hark back to the late ‘90s, when guitarists set phaser pedals to ‘angst’ and heavy beats nursed heavy hangovers.

      Side B belongs to Choose Hellth, the music producer nom de plume of the game’s audio director, industry veteran Matt Piersall. Piersall’s moody songs and score cues bristle with black electronic energy, ebbing and flowing as they help to build the blood-on-the-sandbox atmosphere of the game.

      Single LP

      • 13 specially mastered tracks from the 2022 immersive sim
      • ‘Wild wastes’ colourway heavyweight LP (yellow + black A-side/B-side effect)
      • Deluxe spined outer sleeve with artwork by Emmanuel Petit

      Weird West (Deluxe Vinyl)

      Assassin's Creed 15th Anniversary – Leap Into History


      Assassin’s Creed - Leap Into History is a special 5-disc vinyl box set spanning 12 games from the historied series. Listeners will be taken on a truly epic chronological journey through the series’ historical timeline — starting in antiquity with Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and ending in the modern era with Assassin’s Creed Syndicate.

      All the composers and musicians that have touched Assassin’s Creed have faced the challenge of enrapturing action-adventure gamers while encapsulating momentous periods of human history. Jesper Kyd — the architect of the series’ musical moodscape — created an iconic sonic signature with “Ezio's Family” from Assassin’s Creed II, an emotive piece about loss and struggle in Renaissance Florence.

      Diegetic music increasingly played a role as the game worlds grew richer and more detailed — players fell in love with the sea shanties of Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag. Austin Wintory swerved towards cheeky 19th Century waltzes for Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. Sarah Schachner juxtaposed stunning scenes of ancient Egypt with haunting electronic music elements in the Assassin’s Creed Origins score. And there were few people more qualified to add their voice to Assassin’s Creed Valhalla than verified Viking and scholar of old Norse song, Einar Selvik.

      5LP box set

      Limited and Standard Editions

      • 70 tracks from 12 mainline Assassin’s Creed games
      • Limited Edition features 'gold nugget’ heavyweight LPs
      • 15th Anniversary custom slipmat
      • 15th Anniversary 12" art print
      • Rigid slipcase with gold foil

      Assassin’s Creed - Leap Into History (Limited Edition X5LP Boxset) by Laced Records

      Hard West 1+2


      With Hard West, Marcin Przybyłowicz (Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Cyberpunk 2077) set the mood for the series, employing twanging guitar, pounding drum beats, lonely trumpets and various atmospheric elements. On several of his more anxious cues, snatches of piano, guitar and violin emerge from the echoey fog to keep players on edge, while maintaining the heightened mix of fantasy-horror and Wild West aesthetics. 

      For Hard West 2, Jason Graves (Dead Space 1&2, Tomb Raider [2013], Dark Pictures Anthology) gets grittier and grungier, while honouring the sound world of the original. Through his spartan use of bass guitar, percussion, and spooky synths, Graves summons a more primal, earthy sound, while still layering in the acoustic and electric guitars we associate with the dark side of the West. 

      Double LP

      • Complete 14-track album from 2015’s Hard West
      • 9-track selection from 2022’s Hard West 2
      • Orange & blue transparent heavyweight discs
      • Printed inner sleeves and spined outer sleeve
      • Art by Grzegorz Przybyś & Division48 Studio

      Hard West & Hard West 2 (Deluxe Double Vinyl) by Laced Records


      The soundtracks to Hard West and Hard West 2 are available to stream and download from Spotify, Apple Music and other music platforms.

      The Hard West 2 OST is streaming on music platforms

      Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt


      Bloodhunt boasts a sonically rich score sired by acclaimed Polish-Bulgarian composer Atanas Valkov, and featuring the Sofia Session Orchestra & Choir. The city of Prague provided much of the aesthetic inspiration for Bloodhunt’s soundscape: classical and romantic, yet with many a shadowy corner in which a vampire might secrete themselves. Valkov enjoyed creating contrast between modern electronic musical elements and old world ones, as well as layering guitars and using irregular rhythmic structures. The overall soundtrack is both cinematic and brutal.

      Double LP

      • 16 specially mastered tracks from the 2022 action game
      • Two ‘bloodshed red’ heavyweight LPs
      • Deluxe gatefold sleeve
      • Printed inner sleeves
      • Individually inkjet numbered

      Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt (Deluxe Double Vinyl)MiniDisc

      • Compact jewel case with printed J-card
      • Individually hand numbered

      Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt (MiniDisc) by Laced Records


      • Transparent red cassette shell with printed labels
      • Clear library case with printed J-card
      • Individually hand numbered

      Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt (Cassette) by Laced Records


      • Printed digipack
      • Individually inkjet numbered

      Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt (CD) by Laced Records



      The soundtrack for Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt by Atanas Valkov is now streaming and downloadable on all major music platforms including Spotify, Apple Music/iTunes, Amazon, and many more:

      The album is also available to listen to in Dolby Atmos HD Surround where available (including Apple Music, Tidal, and Amazon Music Unlimited.)

      Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt available on digital music platforms

      Also available to stream are three EPs:

      • Maia's Club
      • Omnis' Hovel
      • Kirill's Bar

      Broforce (Devolver Digital title)


      Deon Van Heerden held nothing back in writing for the tongue-in-cheek, run-and-gun action game. His gameplay score is all thumping percussion, melodramatic brass, and lashing of ‘80s hair metal, urging players to bro their hardest and raise those stars and stripes over each level. But it’s through the pastiche songs “Broforce Theme Song” and the “The Ballad of Rambro” that Van Heerden has the most fun satirising the absurdly entertaining yet clearly unhinged jingoism of ’80s & ’90s American action cinema.

      Single LP

      • 21 remastered tracks from the blockbuster indie game
      • ‘USA flag’ splatter heavyweight LP
      • Die-cut slipcase over spined outer sleeve
      • Art by Dawid Strauss, art direction by Jarred Lunt

       Broforce (Deluxe Vinyl)

      Exclusive new variants

      Street Fighter III: The Collection 4LP box set


      • ‘Hadouken blue’ vinyl

      Street Fighter III: The Collection (Exclusive Edition Deluxe X4LP Boxset) from Laced Records

      Yakuza 0 6LP box set


      • Deep blue & red vinyl

       Yakuza 0 (Exclusive Edition X6LP Boxset) by Laced Records

      Cult of the Lamb (Devolver Digital title)


      Cult of the Lamb’s composer and audio director River Boy (Narayana Johnson) faced the challenge of reflecting the two sides of the game: the safety of the cult’s home base, where marimbas, mallets and other sonically ‘little’ instruments are woven into laid-back lo-fi electronica tracks; and the dungeons, where heavily processed voices and gritty synth elements sit atop dense beats and distorted bass for a darker occult energy.

      Double LP

      • 42 tracks mastered for vinyl
      • Red and black splatter heavyweight LPs
      • Sleeve artwork by Carles Dalmau

      Cult of the Lamb (Deluxe Double Vinyl)

      Fallout 76


      One of video games’ greatest composers, Inon Zur first worked on a Fallout title over 20 years ago; and, as lead composer since Fallout 3, he has been able to shape the wasteland’s soundworld. For Fallout 76, he complemented the post-apocalyptic visuals of Appalachia with a score full of beauty, nature and space to breathe — tinged with danger and darkness, naturally. Through mysteriously interwoven instrumentation — leaning on strings and woodwinds in particular — Zur captures a sense of camaraderie, hope and rebuilding that is unique to this multiplayer open-world entry in the series.

      6LP box set

      • 55 remastered tracks from the open-world multiplayer Fallout title
      • Music covers launch OST and updates up to and including The Pitt
      • Six discs in transparent yellow, ochre, blue, red, green, and milky clear.
      • Rigid board slipcase

      Fallout 76 (Deluxe X6LP Boxset) by Laced Records

      Double LP

      • 20 remastered tracks from the open-world multiplayer Fallout title
      • Music drawn from launch OST and update soundtracks up to and including Night Of The Moth
      • Two heavyweight discs in black and transparent yellow
      • Deluxe gatefold sleeve

      Fallout 76 (Deluxe Double Vinyl) by Laced Records

      Resident Evil (1996)


      The Laced team conducted extensive research into track sources; multiple, often conflicting official and fan titles; and track lengths, factoring in things like music loops and gameplay events. Meanwhile, sleeve artist Boris Moncel of Blackmane Design beavered away on terrifying original pieces for this historic release, studying reference points for creatures and locations from a nearly 30-year-old game.

      Disc 1 includes the iconic original 1996 soundtrack by Koichi Hiroki, Makoto Tomozawa and Masami Ueda — with a little help from a certain Ludwig van Beethoven. 45 tracks have been painstakingly edited for length, titles confirmed (and in some cases officially newly designated, e.g. “Murder of Crows”) and mastered specially for vinyl. 

      Discs 2 & 3 are a special treat, constituting a new format release for Resident Evil Soundtrack Remix (originally released in Japan in 1996 as Bio Hazard Sound Track Remix.) Makoto Tomozawa’s 34-track album features rearranged versions of music from the game intermingled with dialogue snippets and sound effects to help fans relive the survival horror experience.

      Triple LP (Limited Edition)

      • Disc 1 contains first official release of the original 1996 game soundtrack
      • Discs 2 & 3 contains 1997 arranged album Resident Evil Original Soundtrack Remix
      • Rigid board lift-off lid box with spot gloss logo and exclusive Spencer mansion atrium cover
      • Spined inner sleeves
      • Grey + red A-side/B-side colour effect heavyweight LPs
      • 12" square Cerberus art print
      • Umbrella 2mm black felt slipmat

      Resident Evil (1996 Original Soundtrack + Original Soundtrack Remix) (Limited Edition Deluxe Triple Vinyl) by Laced Records

      Triple LP (Standard Edition)

      • Widespined outer sleeve
      • Spined inner sleeves
      • Black heavyweight LPs

      Resident Evil (1996 Original Soundtrack + Original Soundtrack Remix) (Deluxe Triple Vinyl) by Laced Records

      Hotline Miami 1+2



      10 years on, neon-soaked indie hit Hotline Miami has become a cultural touchstone in a way that few video games ever achieve — and the electronic soundtracks for both series titles are held up as modern classics that have transcended gaming. At turns brutal and laid-back, pulsating and aimless, coked-up and checked-out, these two ultracool compilations were at the heart of the retro-’80s synthwave scene that swept the Internet over the 2010s.

      8LP box set

      Limited Edition and Standard Edition

      • 76 remastered tracks from Hotline Miami and Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number
      • Limited Edition features teal galaxy-effect LPs
      • Rigid board lift-off lid box with spot gloss highlight
      • Two 12” art prints of front and back cover artwork
      • 50 Blessings symbol felt slipmat and sticker
      • All-new artwork by El Huervo and -IZMA-

      Hotline Miami 1 & 2: The Complete Collection (Limited Edition X8LP Boxset) by Laced Records

      8LP box set (Devolver Digital Limited Edition)

      • Neon yellow & pink LPs

      Hotline Miami 1 & 2: The Complete Collection (Exclusive Edition X8LP Boxset)

      RuneScape: Elder God Wars Dungeon


      Music is by the current and former members of the Jagex Audio Team: Grace Docksey, Julian Surma & Stephen Lord. The album is by turns thunderous and haunting, featuring angelic and demonic choral sections, thumping percussion, sweeping orchestral passages, and heavy rock riffage. Lending their voices to multiple tracks are Julie Elven (Horizon Zero Dawn/Forbidden West) up high; and oktavist Eric Holloway (Doom Eternal) down low.

      Double LP

      • 11 tracks by Grace Docksey, Julian Surma & Stephen Lord from RuneScape’s third God Wars dungeon
      • Two cloudy-effect heavyweight LPs in orange & clear and green & clear
      • Deluxe gatefold sleeve
      • Purchase unlocks 320kbps MP3 digital downloads

      RuneScape: Elder God Wars Dungeon (Deluxe Double Vinyl & Digital Download) by Laced Records


      The albums RuneScape: Elder God Wars Dungeon and RuneScape: Echoes of Orthen are now available to stream and download via Spotify, Apple Music and other major music services: 

      Warhammer 40,000: Darktide


      Darktide succeeds Fatshark’s much beloved Vermintide series with brutal co-op action set in the dystopian future of Warhammer 40,000. Composer Jesper Kyd’s many challenges included capturing the pomp and propaganda of the Imperium’s Inquisition; finding a way to represent ‘living machines’ the size of city blocks and thousands of years old in the lore of the game, but still tens of thousands of years more advanced than our own; and finding the sound of the dangerous lower levels of the Underhive. 

      He spectacularly achieves this with characterful choral and folk instrumental performances layered among all manner of vintage analog synths, giving the whole soundtrack a rusty, mechanical but not robotic feel — all dusty data and grinding grooves. It’s a unique score that sheds the orchestral and electric guitar palettes of other Warhammer titles.

      Triple LP

      • Complete 48-track soundtrack from the 2022 action game
      • Three heavyweight galaxy-effect LPs in yellow & black, blue & black & red & black
      • Widespined outer sleeve with spot gloss logo front cover

      Warhammer 40,000: Darktide (Deluxe Triple Vinyl) by Laced Records


      The Warhammer 40,000: Darktide OST is now available to stream and download via Spotify, Apple Music and other major music services:

      Digital albums