Devil May Cry (Limited Edition Deluxe X4LP Boxset)
Devil May Cry (Limited Edition Deluxe X4LP Boxset) Devil May Cry (Limited Edition Deluxe X4LP Boxset)

Devil May Cry (Limited Edition Deluxe X4LP Boxset)

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Devil May Cry (Original Soundtrack)

Capcom Sound Team

Product Information: 

  • Four A-side/B-side effect LPs in red, orange, pink and purple
  • Deluxe 3mm spined disc sleeves 
  • Rigid board slip case
  • 73 tracks from the 2001 stylish action game
  • Music by Masami Ueda, Masato Kouda and Misao Senbongi
  • Brand new sleeve art by StelarPidgin


Get ready for the power awakening! Capcom and Laced Records are bringing the killer soundtrack for the classic 2001 stylish action game to vinyl.

The complete 73-track OST has been specially mastered for vinyl and will be pressed onto heavyweight LPs. This Limited Edition four-disc box set features A-side/B-side effect discs in red, orange, pink and purple (each mixed with white.) These will come in spined inner sleeves, all housed in a rigid board slipcase. 

The set features stunning new sleeve artwork by illustrator and Devil May Cry superfan StelarPidgin. Dante, Trish, Mundus and Nelo Angelo are all represented either in famous poses or during memorable in-game moments.

Providing Slammin' Beats for the series’ first outing were Masami Ueda (Resident Evil series, Okami, Viewtiful Joe), Masato Kouda (Darkstalkers, Monster Hunter, Resident Evil Outbreak) and Misao Senbongi (Resident Evil series). The soundtrack is a genre-blending master class, switching from rock to techno to ambient to multiple other musical palettes. It all serves to support the on-screen aesthetic fusion of grungy biker bars, late-’90s/early-’00s trench coat-action movies and vampire-hunting TV shows, and heightened gothic imagery.


*All images shown here are mock-ups.*


Track Listing:

Disc 1

Side A
Let's Rock (Title)
Devil Sunday (Sparda's Theme)
EV-01 (Opening)
GM-01 (Mission Start 1)
ST-01 (Ancient Castle Stage)
Pubic Enemy (Battle Theme 1)
EV-02 (Alastor Acquired)
GM-02 (Continue)

Side B
Red-Hot Juice (Phantom Appears - Battle Theme)
GM-03 (Divinity Statue)
ST-02 (Cathedral)
EV-03 (Sin Scissors Appear)
ST-03 (Ocean Floor Stage)
EV-04 (Nelo Angelo Appears)
EV-05 (Dante Cornered)
ST-04 (Beneath the Ancient Castle Stage)
EV-06 (Beelzebub Appears)
Ultra Violet (Nelo Angelo Battle Theme)

Disc 2

Side A
Lock & Load (Blade Appears - Battle Music 2)
EV-07 (Phantom Appears - Battle Theme 2)
EV-08 (Sparda's Image)
EV-09 (Ifrit Acquired)
Flock Off! (Griffon Appears - Battle Theme)
EV-10 (Fetish Appears)
ST-05 (Gardens)
EV-11 (Nelo Angelo Appears - Battle Theme 2)
EV-12 (Ghost Ship - Setting Sail)
EV-13 (Griffon Appears - Battle Theme 2)
EV-14 (Ghost Ship - Sinking)
ST-06 (Underwater Stage)

Side B
Psycho Siren (Mid-boss Battle Theme)
GM-05 (Mission Start 2)
EV-15 (Griffon Appears - Battle Theme 3)
EV-16 (On My Father's Name)
ST-07 (Coliseum)
Mental Machine (Nightmare Battle)
ST-08 (Nightmare Dimension)
GM-04 (Mission Clear)

Disc 3

Side A
Super Ultra Violet (Nelo Angelo Appears - Battle Theme 3)
EV-17 (The Truth)
EV-18 (Devil Sword Sparda Acquired)
Evil Vacuum (Underworld)
EV-19 (Nobody Appears)
EV-20 (Nightmare Barrier - Battle Theme)
EV-21 (Betrayal)
EV-22 (Tactics)
ST-09 (God of the Demon World)
Final Penetration (Underworld Stage)

Side B
Eva's Theme
Legendary Battle (Demon Emperor Mundus Battle 1 - Aerial)
EV-23 (Demon Emperor Mundus)
EV-24 (Avenging Mother)
EV-25 (Awakening)
EV-26 (Dante Knocked out of the Sky)
EV-27 (The Collapse of Mundus)
Bloody Bladder (Escape from the Underworld)
Karnival (Ancient Castle at Night Stage - Plasma Appears)

Disc 4

Side A
Lock & Load (Original)
EV-28 (Demon Emperor Mundus, Round 2)
Super Pubic Enemy (Sparda Battle Theme 1)
S (Sparda Battle Theme 2)
Pillow Talk Again (Ranking Music 2)
Anarchy in the U.W. (Underworld Battle Theme)
Trish's Theme
EV-29 (Mother's Voice - Trish Appears)

Side B

Legendary Battle V2 (Demon Emperor Mundus Battle 2 - Land)
ST-10 (Demon Emperor Mundus Battle 3 - Underground)
EV-30 (Reunion - Too Late)
Pillow Talk (Ranking Music 1)
I'm Coming! (Escape)
Blue Orgasm (Blue Sky)
Dante & Trish - Seeds of Love (Ending Credits)
GM-06 (Game Over)